Camp Progression

Camp Progression

Camp is the perfect setting for girls to try new things, develop skills in a safe and supportive environment, and challenge themselves.  When a girl progresses through camping experiences as she grows, she’ll be ready to benefit from every outdoor opportunity we provide!

Day camp and other outdoor events

Day camp and other outdoor events, such as Daisy and Me, are great introductions to the outdoors for first-time campers. Day camps also provide an opportunity for seasoned campers to practice leadership skills as Program Aides.

Troop camp and family camp

Troop camp and family camp opportunities throughout the year allow troops and parents to experience overnight camp and be part of the camp community together. Campers will make new friends, go on adventures, and return home with a newfound appreciation for the outdoors.

Summer resident camp

Summer resident camp is an overnight outdoor experience for Girl Scouts entering grades 2–12. Campers experience independence as they explore the world around them, challenge themselves to try something new, and build self-confidence while making new friends. Campers also may complete steps toward earning their favorite outdoor badges.

Camp leadership

Camp leadership is a special way for teens to combine their love for the outdoors with their leadership goals. High school-aged Girl Scouts who are experienced campers may become counselors-in-training, camp aides, and wrangler aides.

The Girl Scout Outdoor Progression Chart (PDF) is a tool you can use as you advance girls' skills in an age-appropriate way.