Camp Boothe Oaks

Camp Boothe Oaks

Troop Camping Update

Troop camping opportunities at GSTOP-owned properties are coming soon.

Dining Hall
Gypsy Glen Unit
Morrison Lodge
Sleepy Hollow Unit
Trading Post
Troop Lodge

On the west Texas horizon 10 miles southwest of Sweetwater, Camp Boothe Oaks is a 73-acre site designed for special events, troop camping, and outdoor education programs.

Facilities include three cabin units, a troop lodge, modern bathhouses with showers and hot water, and a large dining facility.

Camp Boothe Oaks is currently closed, due to flooding in 2018 that destroyed the swing bridge and some of the roads. The camp is expected to reopen, once debris is cleared and a plan is developed for bridge and road repair. A reopen date has not yet been established.