A Day in the Life of Camp Staff

A Day in the Life of Camp Staff


Resident Camp staff are go-getters ready to take on each day and all the excitement that comes with it. A typical day’s schedule (although no days are the same!) reflects the energy and commitment our staff have for campers and camp life. Depending on the camp session, location, and role of the staff member, schedules will vary, but we can say there will be few dull moments!

6:00 a.m.
Kitchen staff are preparing breakfast for campers and staff. Specialists, managers, and directors may be prepping for an early morning activity or meeting.

7:00 a.m.
Girls wake up, get dressed, and head to morning activities. Counselors may need to set their alarm a few minutes earlier so they are available to help girls get ready for the day. You’ll love seeing the sunrise and come to enjoy those quiet moments before the buzz of the day arrives!

8:15 a.m.
Morning Flag and breakfast. You’ll sit with 6-10 campers to help them learn proper table manners, engage all girls in conversation, develop camaraderie, and ensure that campers are eating a well-balanced meal…and occasionally break out in a sing-a-long.

Mid Morning
Track time: Program for session designed to earn badges. Staff organize and lead a variety of girl activities (some of which you’ll already by familiar with, and some new ones, too).

Late Morning
Activity time: Make choices on rotation of activities (Example: 1. BB Range, 2. Disc Golf, 3. Laser Golf, 4. Archery, 5. 3D Archery, 6. Pool, 7. Horseback Riding).

Early Afternoon
Lunchtime! You’ll refuel with your girls over a healthy meal and good conversation, and continue to refresh them on their table manners.

Mid Afternoon
Turtle time: While girls rest and relax in their cabins or do individual activities, you’ll check-in to ensure they are using this quiet time to
themselves to re-energize. You might use this time to work on a lesson plan, paperwork, scheduling, or a new activity idea.

Late Afternoon
Swimming and shower rotation and finish up on program of the day.

Early Evening
Evening flag and dinnertime! At dinner, staff ensure girls are eating enough (they’re expending lots of energy during the day!) and are connecting with others and feeling comfortable at camp.

Mid Evening
You might lead an activity; helping with an all camp activity like songs and closing fire.

Late Evening
Bed time! Staff ensure girls are ready for the night (teeth brushed, PJ’s on, tick check complete, hair brushed, etc.) and winding down for a good night’s rest. Then, you’ll turn in for the night and get re-energized to do it all over again the next day! Even when sleeping, staff members in units need to be available to comfort girls who may be homesick, help with night trips to the bathroom, and attend any other of the girls’ needs.